Geographic Information Systems

Do you think spatially?

Recently I joined Protegra to lead their Geographic Information System practise. I often get asked “what do you mean spatially, you mean geographically?” I wanted to share with you ways in which I think spatially.

Understanding location

Where am I?

I like finding and solving problems… specifically geographic problems. Instinctively, from childhood, we think about where we are (location) and naturally progress into a greater awareness of location in terms of patterns,   events, navigation, proximity, connectivity, etc.

Perhaps it starts with two basic questions,  knowing what your geographic assets are and where they are.

Tools that facilitate spatial thinking

Visualizing with GIS and GPS

In business, motivating factors quite often include doing things better, faster and cheaper. Did you know that roughly 80% of all databases can be displayed visually?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) provides a way to store geographic located data such as hydro poles, wetlands, retail stores, hazards, customers, fiber optic lines and census information, so that it can be managed, analyzed, shared and displayed for decision making.

Visual decision making

Heat map of walking distance

By applying GIS, the decision making process is improved by addressing problems and evaluating alternate solutions.Once you realize the interconnection between people, assets, the environment and location, you will see the strong connection to one another upon which decisions can be made.

By thinking spatially, and incorporating GIS technology, you will gain a greater understanding visually of your data and based on that, the ability to make decisions more effective and timely.

About thinkingspatial

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