My #Personal #Manifesto

I thought it would be interesting to also write down my Personal Manifesto in combination with my Agile Manifesto. Just like my Agile Manifesto, there are 6 principles.

1) Time with children is the most important thing you can do every single day – although we all need to work to have a home, we need to remember that spending time with children when they wake and go to bed is precious time. Dinner time and weekends are equally precious.   Set limits for your working time and stay within them.

2) Make your work a passion – Find what you love to do and make that into a career. Your working life takes too much of your life and time away from your family to be just a job. It needs to be something you look forward to and something that drives you. Find other people that share that same passion and then when you find them, join that company.

3) Read and listen to music – Both have the ability to calm your soul and enlighten you. Read the lyrics of the music you are listening to. Ensure that the books you read and the lyrics of the music you listen to is something you would like to share with your family. Both should inspire you to be better.

4) Look at the night sky – There is perhaps nothing in the world that gives you context better than driving outside the city and lookup at at the stars at night. This is amplified when there are Northern Lights out. This action has an amazing ability to prioritize you backlog. It is also a fantastic idea to take your entire family with you.

5) Enjoy the simple pleasure of a glass of red wine or a Single-Malt scotch in the evening – A single drink in the evening has the ability to again provide context and be the end to a great day. Please substitute whatever drink you prefer, but please don’t introduce any blended scotches. That’s just heresy.

6) Play – Whether it be cracking a joke to lighten the tension in a meeting or making snow angels in the front yard, adults frequently forget how to play. This is even more important in the formation of great teams. They need to know how to play together. If you can’t remember the last time you made a snow angel, jumped into a pile of leaves, or played a game of punch-buggy – you probably need some play time. Usually great teams also find time to play together.


These are just the principles that came to my mind on this lovely September evening. I’d be interested in knowing your thoughts and suggestions. I need to go pour a Lagavulin now….

About Terry Bunio

Terry Bunio has worked for Protegra for 14+ years because of the professionalism, people, and culture. Terry started as a software developer and found his technical calling in Data Architecture. Terry has helped to create Enterprise Operational Data Stores and Data Warehouses for the Financial and Insurance industries. Along the way Terry discovered that he enjoys helping to build teams, grow client trust and encourage individual career growth, completing project deliverables, and helping to guide solutions. It seems that some people like to call that Project Management. As a practical Data Modeller and Project Manager, Terry is known to challenge assumptions and strive to strike the balance between the theoretical and real world approaches for both Data Modelling and Agile. Terry considers himself a born again agilist as Agile implemented according to the Lean Principles has made him once again enjoy Software Development and believe in what can be accomplished. Terry is a fan of Agile implemented according to the Lean Principles, the Green Bay Packers, Winnipeg Jets, Operational Data Stores, 4th Normal Form, and asking why


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