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Agile Knowledge Work: letting go

Building on the spirit of ubuntu, it is our desire, will, aptitude, mental facilities and skills shaped by relationships that come through when we collaborate. Addleson states that half of taking organizations beyond the idea of needing management is in letting go of the high control mindset and language, and helping others to do the same.

By letting go of hierarchical words we can start to speak in ways that enable collaboration, moving the organization away from requirements and rules towards questions and commitments.

What keeps the managerial and hierarchical mindset alive is people’s belief in it and using words that enforce it. How we talk has an amazing power to control our behavior.

Social constructionism states conversations are actually parts of stories that hold certain inherent worldviews and bias. If our work is instead done and talked about in a spirit of accomplishing things and serving others, we let go of hierarchical mindsets and our words, relationships and organizational performance (behaviors) can begin to change.

In the book Addleson states that knowledge work is found in the ‘talk’, but doesn’t it actually go deeper than that? Isn’t knowledge work in the thoughts put into action for organizing and relationships? This organizing only occurs by believing in and allowing groups of teams to organize themselves, people then become responsible as a collective for their own synchronicity.

The question that remains unanswered in the book becomes how does a group collectively minimize the time required from idea to achievement? and is that still applicable?

This post is part of a series based on the ideas in the book, Beyond Management, Taking Charge at Work, by Mark Addleson.


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