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As a business leader, what strategies exist for thinking about the future?

Ambiguity in the road ahead is part of what makes life interesting. Everyone thinks about the future, especially this time of year. As an entrepreneur at heart and business venture and strategy opportunist in practice, I’m constantly looking around and asking, what’s coming next? Where is it all going? Jeffrey Gedmin of the Harvard Business Review helpfully suggests four things to become more prescient:

1. Enhance your powers of observation: listen carefully and use good data when making judgements and considering trends

2. Appreciate the value of being a little antisocial: avoid groupthink, figure out how to ‘zig’ when everyone else is looking to ‘zag’

3. Study history: human nature and the human condition is woven into history, it is infinitely complex but themes exist to tap into for insight, get to know it better

4. Learn to deal [read embrace] ambiguity: we love binary choices, but time has three dimensions and multiple futures exist, figure out the point of decisions where the world splinters off

Life isn’t linear, but by taking a step back and allowing that deep insight within you to form uncontrolled logical conclusions, it gets a lot easier to see the next curve in the road.

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