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On the radio today…

Today I had the honor of being on the radio with Dahlia for CJOB. We were talking about investing in people, namely our local entrepreneurs.

A recent article from the Harvard Business Review talks about the power of a common purpose. Often different players who would normally never have anything to do with each other can in fact have the same purpose in common. A common purpose feeds collaboration. I see our local and national economy as needing collaboration around the purpose of supporting entrepreneurs and investing in people first.

At Protegra, we put people first. More than just a marketing sound bite, I see it again and again put into practice. It sometimes presents interesting challenges for a business, but at the end of the day it’s the bold and right thing to do and it results in the best outcome for people first.

In the interview, we talked about how every day Manitobans can rally behind the purpose of supporting our local entrepreneurs. Collaborating on that purpose connects us around a common effort, relationships develop and the supports that would not otherwise exist begin to emerge.

An opportunity exists for the renewal of our economy by rallying around a common purpose. I’m excited to play a small role in this.


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