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Asking disruptive innovation questions – tip 2 of 4

We already know more formally structured organizations innovate less because it is harder to ask hard hitting questions of the company. Those organizations are in operations mode, steaming down the track and anything that questions it runs contradictory to the mission of … steaming straight ahead.

I’ve worked in organizations before where this is so evident, the people who were coming up with new and challenging questions were quietly referred to by management as, creating unnecessary noise. How unfortunate.

Provided you’ve taken your organization to a place where this kind of ‘noise’ is welcomed and embraced, by creating internal disruptive teams you as a leader can task employees with the goal of unearthing disruptive questions and more of what you don’t know.

By staffing these disruptive teams with a balance of innovator thinkers and delivery focused employees you can strike a sensitive balance.

 How are you empowering your organization today to uncover disruptive questions?



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