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What work means here


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People frequently ask me “what is Protegra?” and “what do you do there?”, and I sometimes have difficulty telling them. The difficulty is not that I don’t know the answer; the difficulty is phrasing it in a way that the questioner can internalize and find meaning in my response. What follows is my perspective only. It’s short, and I may add to this post as time goes on, but I wanted to start with this glimpse.

‘We’ is essential 

So what does work mean here? To me it means we can do anything except do nothing. It means being expected to handle disputes and disagreements without “escalation” or sending the problem off to another department. What it also means is that we can build amazing and unique solutions, in almost any space: the one caveat being we need to be interested and passionate about the area.


network security vs job security. by @gapingvoid

Here’s the thing. . .most of my career when I was asked what I did, I would say “I’m a <insert title> at <insert company>” and quickly move on to more interesting topics, such as the weather, what a cat was doing on YouTube, or similar. Now, because of how I feel about where I work – and what we are striving for – I really want to engage in a meaningful discussion about what the work means.

Most people usually ask for and receive a job title; what they really need is you and everything you are.



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