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The Value of a Custom Made Shirt


A number of months ago I received a gift certificate for a serious amount of money from a generous family member. It was for a tailor here in Winnipeg.

Usually I wear t-shirts and jeans unless I have to dress up for decorum, so this gift certificate was tucked away in a drawer until a couple of weeks ago. For whatever reason I decided that I wanted to use the gift certificate and get a custom made shirt. Also related, a custom shirt was all the gift certificate would cover.

I went to the tailor’s small store on Corydon Avenue, tentatively walked inside, and started talking to the owner. I told him who I was and it turned out he knew some people in my family. We went through some fabrics and patterns, discussed collars and pockets, and I was thoroughly measured for this shirt. In all it took 25 minutes.

The experience was a bit unusual. Like many, I am used to walking into a big box type store, grabbing my sizes, and walking out. Alternatively I’ll order nerd shirts on the Internet. This was quite different. I was creating a relationship at the same time as creating the requirements for what I needed. The tailor’s job isn’t to make clothes. Their job is to make you look as good as possible and understand what will make you comfortable.

And that’s the key: you need to be comfortable with yourself in order to do any good in the world. If the clothes you’re in don’t make you feel comfortable and confident, you need to change it up. Surround yourself with things that fit you. I’m sure I’ll love the shirt, but I may covet it too much to wear it often. However, it may become my favourite thing. Point is, I’ll have something that was made specifically for me and I’ll definitely wear it in times where I’ll need the confidence.

I don’t have the shirt yet, but once I do I’ll post a picture. In the meantime I’m also comfortable in my nerd shirts.

Note: “clothes”, “shirt”, and “shirts” might be metaphors in this post. If you can afford it, go custom and modify based on your needs. Don’t do it to be different, do it because it make you more comfortable in the world.




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