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leg room

Lack of comfort ruins w1912500441-airplane-first-time-movie-quotehat could otherwise be amazing experiences.

Often our pursuit of comfort focuses on our physical surroundings and design – a comfy chair, more leg room in an airplane, or heated seats in our cars. It is our assumption that by increasing our physical comfort our mental well-being will also increase. We will be able to think clearly, make better decisions, and maybe be more popular.

What is also important but doesn’t receive as much attention are the designs that do not usually have a firm expression in the physical world. This type of “leg room” is that which enables us to think creatively, collaborate, and solve problems. This type of design pertains to our relationships with the people around us. How do we design our relationships to produce a better life? What organizational structures are best suited to your goals?

There are no single answers to these questions, but it’s important to answer them for ourselves. If we aren’t achieving desired mental states, our relationships may need a redesign.







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