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How Can Planning Poker Improve Software Requirements?

Have you ever started implementing a software feature from a specification that seemed to be complete, only to find that almost every time you asked a question you uncovered another business requirement? Hi John – I’m working on the ‘Approve’ button and just want to confirm the location:  it should appear at the bottom right, … Continue reading

We’re All in This Together – Part II

Keep the final goal in mind In my previous post, I wrote about the strategies that can help players win the cooperative board game Pandemic. The first strategy is keeping the final goal in mind.  In the game, this refers to focusing on curing diseases, while managing ongoing distractions and remembering that even though eradication … Continue reading

We’re All in This Together

What cooperative games can teach us about software projects   Recently, I have been playing a cooperative board game called Pandemic.  Like some other cooperative games, there is no competition between players.  Either all players win the game by reaching an objective, or everyone loses if that goal is not achieved before a given event occurs. … Continue reading