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Minecraft and Elementary Schools: Reflections from 1st session

Here’s the thing. Minecraft is huge. It’s amazing. It’s accessible and complex. Kids love it. I love it. Everyone who encounters Minecraft should love it. Mention that you’ll be doing something – anything – involving Minecraft and kids will pay attention. This is huge, because it’s much easier to engage with someone on a commonly shared … Continue reading

What work means here

  People frequently ask me “what is Protegra?” and “what do you do there?”, and I sometimes have difficulty telling them. The difficulty is not that I don’t know the answer; the difficulty is phrasing it in a way that the questioner can internalize and find meaning in my response. What follows is my perspective only. … Continue reading

Butterfly Interview: Alex’s Scarves on CBC radio

Below is the soundcloud for Alex’s interview with Janet Stewart of CBC about her project. Check it out!       Chris Butterfly Website

Empathy, Mapping Customer Job Stories, and Business Modeling

It’s been some time since I wrote about customer job stories and the connection to empathy maps and solution design (initial post here), so I thought I would revisit this topic and provide more context. In the beginning. . . Empathy. Always. Not only at the start, but through every stage. There are multiple ways … Continue reading

So why empathy?

Why empathy? This question comes up frequently, whether I’m talking to people about developing  Butterfly, or talking to them about product/service/solution development in a more general sense. I’ll keep this short. I think most people have a general appreciation for being empathetic, and acknowledge that it’s a good thing to be – like an aspiration … Continue reading

Butterfly Laboratory

The Butterfly Lab concept was created out of necessity. After developing and exploring the initial idea of Butterfly using principles of customer development we launched the initial website. By this point we had built great partnerships and support as well as had generated excitement and connected with many different stakeholders and youth. We also had a few ideas … Continue reading

How to deal with stragglers

Struggling with Straggling I facilitate many group activities. One issue that occurs at virtually every session is the issue of latecomers. How do I deal with people who show up late? Do you wait for everybody to show up before you start? Do you lock them out? Do you publicly shame them? These are but a few … Continue reading

Sustaining passion and Butterfly’s development approach

So I’m waiting at The Windmill restaurant on Selkirk Avenue in Winnipeg. Why I’m here is to talk to some incredible people from Aboriginal Youth Opportunities about Butterfly and the current iteration, and how we might work together. It has been about a year since a first talked to them about the idea, and I’ve touched base … Continue reading

Butterfly – Bold Radio interview with Kevin Chief and Chino Argueta

This recording is from a broadcast on CJOB 680 on August 23, 2014. People recorded are the Hon. Kevin Chief (Minister for Children and Youth Opportunities and Minister responsible for relations with the City of Winnipeg), Chino Argueta (Director of Youth Agencies Alliance), Alana Odegard from the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, and yours truly.   Butterfly … Continue reading

Butterfly and the Future of Community Development

Before I say anything else, I want to say this – a website is not a solution: it merely provides a way to scale and automate the delivery of your concept. In other words, whatever you new product or service purports to do, it needs to be able to create value “off-line” as well as … Continue reading