Chris Watson

Chris Watson is a software developer at Protegra with over 13 years of experience in the field. He was born and raised in New Zealand, where he started his career in IT before moving to Winnipeg, Canada. Most of his work at Protegra has involved the use of TDD and a variety of open source tools. This work has re-ignited his passion for programming and has seen him share his knowledge throughout Protegra and to the wider community.
Chris Watson has written 3 posts for Protegra

Visual Studio 2013

I only just got around to installing Visual Studio 2012 last month and now at Tech Ed this week Microsoft has gone ahead and announced that there will be new releases of Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server for 2013. Some of the new features that Microsoft has highlighted are: Agile Portfolio Management – To … Continue reading

Getting Started With Visual Studio 2012

Ok, so I’m really late to the game here, since Visual Studio 2012 was released about 9 months ago.  However I have been working with a client who was not ready to upgrade yet and since I’m sure there are many people like me who have still yet to install the latest version, I thought … Continue reading

Is JavaScript taking over?

The Prairie Dev Con conference was held in Winnipeg this year and something I noticed was the amount of JavaScript being used for everything from mobile to Windows 8 app development. It certainly looks like JavaScript is going to play a big part in many projects over the next few years and probably is already for some people. … Continue reading