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5 Books that changed the way I think

Over the years I have been lucky enough to find books that have profoundly changed the way I perceive the world and the way I think. I usually know when I have found one of these books when I read the book over and over. This is a list of those top 5 books in … Continue reading

Why I love coding

Recently I was asked by my wife to look into creating a little application to create a schedule for a softball season. I had done a bunch of coding within SQL, but hadn’t used a true programming language for quite a while. Most of my experience was with procedural languages and not Object Oriented languages. … Continue reading

#minecraft code club – day 4 #compile #FTW

I remember talking about it with friends. I didn’t want to teach kids to use Scratch. Scratch was ok, but I wanted to teach them how to code in Java. Even more, I wanted to teach them what it was to compile code and what a Compiler was. People thought that the content would not … Continue reading

#Minecraft Code Camp – Day 1

Well today was day 1 at Minecraft Code club at my kid’s school. I was lucky enough to have a parent council that was crazy enough to listen to my grand design for how I would teach kids coding by looking at Minecraft Plugins. Even crazier, I was going to do this over lunch in … Continue reading

Web UI Testing with Selenium, Pt. 3

Last two posts explained the process required to get Selenium up and running, and to execute tests on one or more machines in parallel. The major drawback with the explained methods however were that each machine needed to be configured individually, which required either physical access to the machine, or a remote desktop session. Once … Continue reading

Web UI Testing with Selenium, Pt. 2

Last post dealt with the basics of getting up and running with web UI testing using Selenium Python WebDriver API. This post will deal with using Selenium Server to receive test commands, and writing a multi-threaded controller to run many tests in parallel, and thus simulate a load on a server. Installation In addition to … Continue reading

Getting Started with Web UI Testing Using Selenium, Pt. 1

The last few days I’ve been working with implementing testing a web application using Selenium. The tests I wrote are relatively simple; what made them complex is the fact that I am tasked with load testing an application through UI testing using a real browser instance (for now limited to Firefox and Chrome, though Selenium … Continue reading

Why do we #DataModel at all?

People in the Database world take Normalization and Data Modeling as something that should be done without question. I compare it to best practices like versioning software. No one expects that anyone would create software without version control anymore.But more often recently I do get questioned and challenged on why we need to normalize and model … Continue reading

#Agile Data Modeling – still a ways to go

I have wanted to write a Blog entry on Agile Data Modelling for a while now. It combines the two prime areas of interest for myself as I really started as a DBA/Data Architect and then moved on towards Project Management and Agile Project Management. But truly, Data Modelling has been and will always be … Continue reading

#Agile Code Reviews

I must admit I was never totally sold on Pair Programming from the start. But I have started to come around and I was looking forward to discussing Pair Programming versus Code Reviews with a fellow co-worker who had done a lot of Pair Programming at his former employer. In the project we are both … Continue reading