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Minecraft and Elementary Schools: Reflections from 1st session

Here’s the thing. Minecraft is huge. It’s amazing. It’s accessible and complex. Kids love it. I love it. Everyone who encounters Minecraft should love it. Mention that you’ll be doing something – anything – involving Minecraft and kids will pay attention. This is huge, because it’s much easier to engage with someone on a commonly shared … Continue reading

How an #Agile Data Warehouse leveraged an #InnovationGame – Iteration 2!

A few weeks ago I authored a post that explained how were leveraging an Innovation game on my current Agile Data Warehouse project. You can find the original post here. Iteration 2 One of the aspects I love about Agile is the freedom it allows you to be bold as it acknowledges it is impossible … Continue reading

How #Oracle helped to make my Data Model #Agile

Many people who know me know that I have a certain fondness for tools that can help to make our jobs easier. I agree that a fool with a tool is still a fool, but I would argue that craftsman with the right tool can be an even better craftsman. In essence, the problem isn’t … Continue reading

Data Modeling mistake – Violating 4th Normal Form

As I read David C Hay’s awesome book on Data Model Patterns, I start to realize the mistakes I have made creating certain Data Models in the past. In particular, one mistake that I made repeatedly became very apparent. Data Modeling mistake – Violating 4th Normal Form Looking back in some of the Data Models … Continue reading

#Agile in a Unionized Environment?

One question I get asked a lot is whether Agile can work in a unionized environment. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to work in a unionized environment. The engagement did not start out as an Agile engagement, but as the project wore on there were more and more opportunities to influence in more and more … Continue reading

SDEC 2011 – A conference for practitioners by practitioners

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My #1 Agile Failure

Some of you may have read my personal Agile Adoption Story and possibly thought that it was a good story on Agile Adoption and how Agile can sometime succeed on the first try. I know I’ve read many stories about the pain and suffering on the first Agile projects people have been on. If you … Continue reading

My Agile Adoption Story

My first experience with an Agile project that was more Agile than Waterfall was in 2006. I phrase it in that way as all projects I have been on have had some aspects of Agile. But I digress, back to the story… In December of 2005 a fixed price RFP was released for a new … Continue reading

Agile Experience Reports – The Agile Dozen

My main purpose for this BLOG was to try and share some personal Agile Experience Reports and get discussions going with others on what worked and what didn’t work. My first challenge was to create a framework where some sense could be made of my personal project results. When I compiled the list of Agile … Continue reading