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When focusing on Minimum Viable Product is the wrong thing to do #Agile #MVP

There isn’t too many things more sacred than Minimum Viable Product in the Agile circles. Maybe Planning Poker, Automated Testing, and Continuous Integration. But usually Minimum Viable Product is also right up there. What if I told you that focusing on Minimum Viable Product is sometimes the wrong thing to do? Would I be branded … Continue reading

A case for Contingency #NoEstimates

It seems like everyone has a different view of the role that contingency should play on projects. While some recommend removing it so as to not inflate the cost of features, others feel it is a critical element in the estimation of the project. Some people feel it is best to hide it away in … Continue reading

#Agile and the #Winnipeg Mayoral Race

Recently in the race for Winnipeg Mayor two candidates addressed an issue in two very different ways. It reminded me of the different Project Management methodologies that we see on Software Development projects. The Issue The issue that was being talked about was integrity. Recently there have been some alleged situations in civic politics in … Continue reading

Rapid Diagnostic. Getting at the issues quickly!

How much diagnostic is really required before getting into solution design? Project teams are always under pressure to minimize the time spent in the Diagnostic phase of improvement projects. The team needs time to determine the health of the organization (its current state), to identify key opportunities for improvement and to develop relationships essential to … Continue reading

My @WoodyZuill experience #NoEstimates #Agile

Recently I was able to attend a presentation by Woody Zuill at an Agile Winnipeg meeting. Before I get into my opinions of the meeting, I’d highly recommend you attend a session by Woody if you have the chance. Woody is intelligent, respectful, and insightful in many different areas of Agile and Software Development. Although … Continue reading

My #SoftwareDevelopment plumbing experience

Last weekend I was looking forward to leaving behind my Agile and Software Development challenges and do some work with my hands. My wife wanted a new bathroom vanity. We were buoyed by the false hope gathered by installing a new toilet successfully the prior weekend. I mean how hard could this be? I’m sure … Continue reading

My Pride and Joy Project

I came across a blog by Liza Wood on her pride and joy project. You can read her excellent post here. It made me think about what my pride and joy project would be for me. I consider myself very lucky to work on the projects I have worked on. I am constantly amazed by … Continue reading

Why all Software Development Management need to cut code annually #agile #PMOT

I have gone on record before stating how important it is that project managers and Software Development Management in general cut code. This is a bit of an unpopular position as the Project Management Institute (PMI) and others feels that a non-technical project manager is just fine and in some ways an advantage. You will … Continue reading

My #Agile pet peeve – Agilitus Extremus Argumentus

Let me start off by saying I do believe in the Agile principles and running projects in an agile way. But, I’m not an extreme Agilist that believes in not estimating and other aspects of Agile that tend to lead more into the sociology and psychology of individuals. For example, I don’t believe estimating is … Continue reading

#1 skill for #agile and #traditional project team members – “Enough-ness Sense” #pmot #baot

I’ve had the good fortune on being on small, medium, and large traditional and agile teams. As I’ve worked on Agile teams recently, I’ve come to realize that both types of teams require one non-technical skill above all others. (In my humble opinion) Interestingly enough, this skill is required on both traditional and agile projects … Continue reading