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#Minecraft Code Club – Day 2 #BoysAndGirls

Well today was Day 2 of the Minecraft Code Club. Actually it was Day 1 again for a second group. This time it was for Grade 3’s. I modified the session a little bit based upon the feedback received in the first session and I think it went even better. We increased the Silent Brainstorming … Continue reading

Prairie Dev Con 2015 – SQL Server is cheaper than Open Source #FTW

I’ll be presenting my recent presentation on how SQL Server is cheaper than Open Source at Prairie Dev Con on Monday. If you have the chance, check out the conference. Great assortment of speakers and topics. Here is the link to my Blog post related to the presentation: http://agilevoyageur.com/2012/06/22/sql-server-2012-cheaper-than-open-source-database-options/

How to deal with stragglers

Struggling with Straggling I facilitate many group activities. One issue that occurs at virtually every session is the issue of latecomers. How do I deal with people who show up late? Do you wait for everybody to show up before you start? Do you lock them out? Do you publicly shame them? These are but a few … Continue reading

When It Comes To Employee Engagement, Does Your Company Have Low Voter Turn-Out?

This week, the city I work in will be holding their civic elections. People will exercise their rights and cast their ballots to determine who will provide the leadership necessary to make their city a great place to work, live, and grow. Ultimately, voting for your candidate and his or her platforms provides you with … Continue reading

You Can’t Change Culture – Can You?

Culture Change – what makes us cringe or even groan when we here these two words? Is it the thought of tackling the impossible? Going up against a seemingly unbeatable foe? It is this thinking that causes many leaders to simply accept the current culture without ever developing a strategy for change. A recent post … Continue reading

Butterfly – Bold Radio interview with Kevin Chief and Chino Argueta

This recording is from a broadcast on CJOB 680 on August 23, 2014. People recorded are the Hon. Kevin Chief (Minister for Children and Youth Opportunities and Minister responsible for relations with the City of Winnipeg), Chino Argueta (Director of Youth Agencies Alliance), Alana Odegard from the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, and yours truly.   Butterfly … Continue reading

Culture is as Culture Does

It is perhaps one of the most notable movie quotes of all time. It is also a lesson that Forrest Gump was taught early on, and never forgot. Stupid is as Stupid does. The meaning of this is straight forward; stupidity is based more on your actions than on how you speak, and it is … Continue reading

Are #Estimates Lies? #NoEstimates

One of the statements that causes me angst is the “Estimates are Lies” that I read on the Twitterverse from time to time. So I thought I’d do some research. I decided to look up the definition of a Lie. “A lie is a false statement to a person or group made by another person or group … Continue reading

Exploring Scala Options

About Scala options Scala Option is a very convenient way to deal with objects that may not be defined. Most languages tend to represent an undefined object as null, leading to all kinds of null-checking code, and uncaught NullPointerExceptions. In fact, null is such a bad idea that its inventor, Tony Hoare, called it his … Continue reading

Agile Knowledge Work: Let’s go topless! (spoiler alert)

Addleson ends his book by saying “going topless (non-hierarchical) never works perfectly. On the contrary, getting work done this way is rather messy and certainly not efficient in the sense of neat and tidy. Topless is often slow […] however if we believe openness and accountability is worthwhile, necessary for good work, we have to work … Continue reading