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#Agile Enterprise Data Model – #holistic and #iterative

I’ve recently been working on a Data Warehouse project that I am trying to do in an Agile way. Unlike Agile Software Development, Agile Data projects have some complexities that cause you to adapt the common Agile methods and practices. I am a big fan of User Story Mapping and creating a User Story Map … Continue reading

How an #Agile Data Warehouse leveraged an Innovation Game #agile2012 #sdec2012

On my latest project I have been doing a lot of research and learning on how to conduct a Data Warehouse project in an Agile manner. Actually I’m really honoured to be able to combine my two passions in my career: Data Modeling and Agile. This investigation has led me to what I feel is … Continue reading

#Done-but definition

During the last project kick-off workshop we discussed the definition of done. It was a very standard discussion to confirm that everyone had the same concept of what done was. As usual, it was an enlightening discussion as most people had some subtly different ideas of what done was. Eventually we agreed that done was … Continue reading

#Agile Project Charter

With the current project I am working on we discussed how we can make the Project Charter or Project Kick-off activities much more Agile. We are proposing to use new Agile methods and want to enhance our communication and allow team members to easily understand what they would be doing on the project. On other … Continue reading