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Agile Documentation – Part I

Agile Documentation. These two simple words represent a common question and concern for professionals who are new to agile. Many IT professionals who work in traditional environments are accustomed to spending a lot of their time carefully crafting documents to support the planning, requirements, and design of their project. They are often measured and compensated … Continue reading

Agile Testing – a response to The Golden Rules of Testing

Today someone sent me a link to a Software Test Professionals (STP) article on the Golden Rules of Testing as applied to an agile project. I’m pleased that the testing community is embracing agile more and trying to figure out how to fit in. However, I was troubled by some of the statements I read. … Continue reading

Agile as a risk mitigation technique

When I first started using and investigating agile principles and practices, I didn’t immediately realize how well these techniques worked in order to reduce project risk. As I talk with others about adopting agile, many fear the ‘risk’ of moving to agile techniques. Here are a few thoughts on how agile practices reduce risk on your … Continue reading

Team Ownership through the UX Design Studio Approach

A few weeks ago I was added to a new team that had already spent some time working on the technical challenges for the project but had yet to do much UX work. One of the first things the team asked me to help with was to create the User Interface design. I think what they … Continue reading

Agile Winnipeg Inaugural Event – "Shorten the Distance"

It was pretty exciting for myself and the other organizers to see a packed room of over 60 people attend the first Winnipeg Agile User Group event on Thursday, March 10, 2011. After a quick meal from Homers and some furniture re-organization, we kicked off the event with a word from several of our sponsors. … Continue reading

Quit your belly-aching and try it!

I get a little frustrated whenever I hear people say things like: “[Agile Practice X] is [insert doubting words here], prove it to me that it [is better/is more efficient/is cost effective, etc]”. Built right into agile is your own little test lab where you can try it yourself without needing the official research study. 1. … Continue reading

For lunch – an agile story

The speaker list for PrairieDevCon 2011 was published today and I’m really looking forward to it. Some great speakers and talks are lined up and D’Arcy Lussier as always will arrange for some great food. But… let me tell you a story of what might have been at PrairieDevCon 2010. In the spring of 2010, … Continue reading

Perfecting your process

“Eliminating delays between what you do gives you a better return than getting better at what you do.” – Alan Shalloway (Dec 2, 2010, twitter). I was recently introduced to the ball point game as a way to introduce agile concepts. A colleague of mine had decided to try it out for a larger group … Continue reading

What is your top 1 agile tip? @AgileVancouver

The agile Vancouver conference wrapped up yesterday – a great Canadian conference if you are wondering where to spend your training budget in 2011. On Wednesday morning we held an open space similar to the agile panel at SDEC. We opened the floor for questions, ranked them, and then spent 10 minutes on each topic. … Continue reading

Why is collective team ownership and commitment better than individual ownership and commitment?

Recently I’ve been pondering collective vs. individual ownership and commitment, the theories behind it, and how to respond to someone who many not have considered why collective ownership and commitment is important. If you are involved on a team that is assigning responsibility to individuals, you could respond in several ways. My own impulse may be to respond … Continue reading