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How Can Planning Poker Improve Software Requirements?

Have you ever started implementing a software feature from a specification that seemed to be complete, only to find that almost every time you asked a question you uncovered another business requirement? Hi John – I’m working on the ‘Approve’ button and just want to confirm the location:  it should appear at the bottom right, … Continue reading

Customer development: engaging youth

Let’s say you’ve developed a framework for customer development (such as described here) and it dawns on you that you actually need to get out of your comfort zone and talk to people, many people. . .more people than you’ve ever spoken to before about a single topic. In one-on-one settings I’ve always been fairly strong … Continue reading

Visualizing Retrospective Priorities

We tried a new retrospective prioritization/voting technique this week that worked really well. After we had generated and discussed all of our ideas for improvement, it was clear to me that there were several excellent ideas and it would be hard to use our regular voting technique to single out one or two. In fact, … Continue reading

Q: Why Silence? A: Priming.

I’m a big fan of using silent brainstorming in order to generate ideas as individuals before processing those ideas as a group. “Priming” is yet another reason why using silence is important. I’m currently reading Daniel Kahneman’s book “Thinking, Fast and Slow” – a behavioural psychology and economics book that describes his research on how … Continue reading

Facilitating a retrospective with 50 people in an hour

As one of the volunteers at Agile 2012 I was honoured to be asked to facilitate the volunteer retrospective. There were a few constraints that made this retrospective challenging. First, due to our volunteer responsibilities we had just under an hour to eat lunch and complete the retrospective. Second, there are about 50 volunteers – … Continue reading

Silent Brainstorming

I read an interesting article earlier this week that summarized some of the latest research on brainstorming. The research found that group brainstorming (out loud) doesn’t restrict the amount of ideas generated, but it does restrict the variety of ideas. By contrast, brainstorming as individuals allows a greater variety of ideas to be generated. They … Continue reading