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Butterfly Interview: Alex’s Scarves on CBC radio

Below is the soundcloud for Alex’s interview with Janet Stewart of CBC about her project. Check it out!       Chris Butterfly Website

Butterfly Laboratory

The Butterfly Lab concept was created out of necessity. After developing and exploring the initial idea of Butterfly using principles of customer development we launched the initial website. By this point we had built great partnerships and support as well as had generated excitement and connected with many different stakeholders and youth. We also had a few ideas … Continue reading

Sustaining passion and Butterfly’s development approach

So I’m waiting at The Windmill restaurant on Selkirk Avenue in Winnipeg. Why I’m here is to talk to some incredible people from Aboriginal Youth Opportunities about Butterfly and the current iteration, and how we might work together. It has been about a year since a first talked to them about the idea, and I’ve touched base … Continue reading

Talking to the “right” people

Upon reading my post about engaging youth (found here) @MBWonderWoman asked through a tweet “How do you consistently get the right people in the room to build these ideas?”. Given that talking to people is pretty important in general – and it is absolutely essential for our Customer Development approach (more here) – I thought this question … Continue reading

A little story about a journey

So here’s the setting: I’m sitting in the lobby of 680 CJOB waiting to speak to Dahlia Kurtz about Butterfly. I arrived 30 minutes early, because that’s just something I do sometimes. So I have plenty of time to think about what questions she might ask and how I would answer them, what key themes I … Continue reading

Butterfly – radio Interview with Dahlia Kurtz from CJOB

    Had a great time with Dahlia Kurtz last Monday (June 16, 2014). We talked about http://www.ourbutterfly.com, my teenage years, and lots in between.

Butterfly – Initial Website

In the first two entries on Butterfly – found here  – I outlined the initial concept and how we have gone about developing the idea. In the most recent entry I also mentioned an acquisition website. This blog entry will  further explain what is meant by this term, and how we think the website will work. Right … Continue reading

Butterfly – Concept Development Philosophy

We are about 1 week out from launching our acquisition website for Butterfly as I write this post. The places that this journey has taken me over the past year have been incredible, and we are still just at the beginning. The initial idea was to create an online platform for young people that would allow … Continue reading