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How Can Planning Poker Improve Software Requirements?

Have you ever started implementing a software feature from a specification that seemed to be complete, only to find that almost every time you asked a question you uncovered another business requirement? Hi John – I’m working on the ‘Approve’ button and just want to confirm the location:  it should appear at the bottom right, … Continue reading

Agile Knowledge Work: New Methods

The thrust of traditional management, Addlesons suggests, is about driving efficiency. However this can manifest itself in a way that is very different than caring about human-social interaction and collaboration. Yet it is hard to think of a single knowledge worker you know who wants to be told how to work and exactly what to do every moment, … Continue reading

True collaboration requires delegation

I’ve seen a lot of meetings where many activities and processes are done in the name of collaboration. In some cases, it is collaboration. In other cases, it seems like a lot of other items and issues are being disguised as collaboration. Who after all could argue against collaboration? To be efficient, I believe collaboration … Continue reading

Silent Brainstorming

I read an interesting article earlier this week that summarized some of the latest research on brainstorming. The research found that group brainstorming (out loud) doesn’t restrict the amount of ideas generated, but it does restrict the variety of ideas. By contrast, brainstorming as individuals allows a greater variety of ideas to be generated. They … Continue reading