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The “All Users” scolding email conundrum

We’ve all received one of these types emails. Likely we’ve all sent one as well. The message is one that is sent to everyone in the company’s database stating displeasure about what is likely one person’s behaviour, but they don’t know who that person is so everyone gets to learn the lesson. Never in the … Continue reading

How Can Planning Poker Improve Software Requirements?

Have you ever started implementing a software feature from a specification that seemed to be complete, only to find that almost every time you asked a question you uncovered another business requirement? Hi John – I’m working on the ‘Approve’ button and just want to confirm the location:  it should appear at the bottom right, … Continue reading

On the Importance of Words…

It is part of our culture at Protegra to carefully choose the words we use to represent ourselves and communicate. It is understood how important the very words are themselves and what they say about us when we use them. For example, we don’t use the term employee or manager as those words imply a … Continue reading

Are you playing #Project Battleship??? #pmot #baot #agile

I was talking in our co-located room last week on a particularly frustrating day to a co-worker. I enjoy talking to Hanaa as she has an adept analytical mind, great technical skills, and a great sense of humour. A rare find indeed. Anyway, I was talking about my frustration where some discussions and emails exchanges … Continue reading

The #1 rule of Project Management illustrated by the new Winnipeg Blue Bomber Stadium experience

I am a rabid football fan. Although my favourite team is the Green Bay Packers, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers follow closely behind. The new stadium for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers is one of the best things to happen to this city in a long time. If it wasn’t for the MTS Centre and the return … Continue reading