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Generate customer insight or build awful things

Note: before we get into things: “customer” can include end users, citizens, as well as staff– in essence it is the group of people for whom you are designing a solution. Build what your customers want– obviously this is what you need to do. The problem is that if you ask them what they want, … Continue reading

Stop making good decisions, start making right decisions

You usually start with this idea in your mind. . . You think you are right and this is a great starting point. It’s also probably necessary if you’re going to do anything. However, you also know that you do not know for certain. This is where the “Good” decision versus “Bad” decision framework comes … Continue reading

Empathy, Mapping Customer Job Stories, and Business Modeling

It’s been some time since I wrote about customer job stories and the connection to empathy maps and solution design (initial post here), so I thought I would revisit this topic and provide more context. In the beginning. . . Empathy. Always. Not only at the start, but through every stage. There are multiple ways … Continue reading

So why empathy?

Why empathy? This question comes up frequently, whether I’m talking to people about developing  Butterfly, or talking to them about product/service/solution development in a more general sense. I’ll keep this short. I think most people have a general appreciation for being empathetic, and acknowledge that it’s a good thing to be – like an aspiration … Continue reading

Butterfly Laboratory

The Butterfly Lab concept was created out of necessity. After developing and exploring the initial idea of Butterfly using principles of customer development we launched the initial website. By this point we had built great partnerships and support as well as had generated excitement and connected with many different stakeholders and youth. We also had a few ideas … Continue reading

Sustaining passion and Butterfly’s development approach

So I’m waiting at The Windmill restaurant on Selkirk Avenue in Winnipeg. Why I’m here is to talk to some incredible people from Aboriginal Youth Opportunities about Butterfly and the current iteration, and how we might work together. It has been about a year since a first talked to them about the idea, and I’ve touched base … Continue reading

Planting Seeds, Customer Development, and Patience

“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.” – Arnold Glasow This new and exciting idea may be amazing to you, and likely to some others close to you, but it’s important to keep in mind that the rest of humanity is already busy doing their thing and … Continue reading

Mapping Customer Job Stories – Adding the pain

In his excellent blog post “Replacing The User Story With The Job Story” Alan Klement provided a very compelling argument to move away from mapping based on personas of users and instead focusing on what jobs need to be accomplished. I cannot do his post justice here, so please check it out here . The … Continue reading

Startup Blues

So, you launch your new idea into the world and. . .not much happens. At least, not much seems to be happening from the measures you’ve put into place on your website (traffic, heat maps, click through, engagement, etc.). Then you might start to worry about what others might be thinking about you, your idea, and … Continue reading

Butterfly – Concept Development Philosophy

We are about 1 week out from launching our acquisition website for Butterfly as I write this post. The places that this journey has taken me over the past year have been incredible, and we are still just at the beginning. The initial idea was to create an online platform for young people that would allow … Continue reading