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Agile Chartering – an Agile Documentation Alternative

Last spring I wrote two posts about agile documentation (Part 1: Introduction and Part 2: Guiding Questions) and asked you to consider this statement: “A document isn’t the only vehicle for expressing or transferring good thinking and ideas.” Recently I coached a team that was converting an application from VB6 to VB.Net. One of the … Continue reading

Agile Documentation – Part II: Guiding Questions

In Part I of this topic I asked you to consider how and why you currently use documentation and posed some questions for you to consider as you think about the place documentation may or may not have on your project. In this post I will list some additional guiding questions that I have found … Continue reading

Agile Documentation – Part I

Agile Documentation. These two simple words represent a common question and concern for professionals who are new to agile. Many IT professionals who work in traditional environments are accustomed to spending a lot of their time carefully crafting documents to support the planning, requirements, and design of their project. They are often measured and compensated … Continue reading