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A case for Contingency #NoEstimates

It seems like everyone has a different view of the role that contingency should play on projects. While some recommend removing it so as to not inflate the cost of features, others feel it is a critical element in the estimation of the project. Some people feel it is best to hide it away in … Continue reading

The Selfish #Agilist

As I was finishing my last post on what I termed Agile Sketches, there was a second point that occurred to me that I thought was relevant and probably deserved a separate post. I see a lot of recent comments and posts that propose we provide no estimates, no deadlines and do no planning. While … Continue reading

Thoughts on Beyond Deadlines by Jabe Bloom

Background In late 2012 when Dylan Smith suggested a blog challenge in order to encourage each of us to write more often, I quickly agreed. I don’t find it easy to write but I love the thought process that goes into it and I was hopeful that some extrinsic motivation ($ and deadlines) would help … Continue reading

Top Three Rules of #Agile Software Estimation

Yep, Estimating is hard. It isn’t easy and it isn’t without peril. Unfortunately it is a fact on 95% of the projects we work on. So given that, I’m not sure that telling people not to estimate is productive. There are a lot of misinformation about estimating though. Not all estimates are evil and not … Continue reading

Estimating tasks in hours is local optimization. Stop doing it!

This weekend I was listening to Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s “Beyond the Goal” where he expands on the Theory of Constraints. In chapter three I listened to him explain how estimating in hours is in fact local optimization and therefore “idiotic”. Here is a portion of that chapter loosely transcribed: “The way to ensure that the … Continue reading

Estimation, Story Points, Hours, and the Theory of Constraints

There was another interesting discussion on estimating and the use of Story Points versus Hours on Twitter between myself, Steve Rogalsky, D’Arcy Lussier, Mike Iwasiow, David Alpert, and a few others. Steve quoted the book Beyond the Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and blogged his opinion on using hours versus Story Points. Suffice it to … Continue reading

Top 10 practices for estimating Agile projects successfully

I’ve had multiple posts in the past that provided my passionate opinion on why I believe we should estimate Agile projects. (Both from the perspective of the client and the team) But rather than get into that discussion once again, I thought it would be more valuable if I shared the 10 practices that we … Continue reading

#agile2011 Monday night thought – Does using only #Velocity limit the opportunities for #acceleration?

I just finished reading an excellent Blog entry on transitioning from traditional estimating to Story Point estimating by Ilan Goldstein. You can find the blog post at the following link: transitioning-from-timebased-to-relative-estimation The article walks through the estimation process used during the transition there are three excellent points. 1. I loved the idea about being above-board … Continue reading

Project Estimates versus Targets

I was going to have another Blog post that talked about Agile estimating, but I think a Blog about estimates versus targets should be done first. In short, I think the confusion and mingling of the terms have led to many ‘perceived’ project failures. As usual, let’s start at the start. 🙂 Definitions Estimate – … Continue reading

The debate about agile estimating

There has been a lot of noise recently about eliminating estimating for software development projects. I’d like to thank Terry Bunio for putting out his thoughts as a rebuttal here. (Note – Terry sits right beside me so we’ve had a lot of discussion on this topic recently – especially since we thought someone was wrong … Continue reading