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What work means here

  People frequently ask me “what is Protegra?” and “what do you do there?”, and I sometimes have difficulty telling them.┬áThe difficulty is not that I don’t know the answer; the difficulty is phrasing it in a way that the questioner can internalize and find meaning in my response. What follows is my perspective only. … Continue reading

When it comes to solving business performance problems, is there anything new?

The business unit you are responsible for is failing to achieve its performance objectives. Perhaps sales are lagging, profits are decreasing, gross margin is below target, product quality targets are not achieved, investment projects are not delivering the expected payback, customer complaints and after-sales costs are too high, or promised delivery dates are missed, etc. … Continue reading

What the #BlueBombers taught me about #leadership and #teams

Oh boy, every time I watch the Winnipeg Blue Bombers I learn something. Sometimes I learn sometime just by watching the game or listening to post game interviews. Recently I listened to an interview with Head Coach Tim Burke and it was a great learning experience. Unfortunately for Tim Burke it was an example of … Continue reading

How my kids are learning about #Leadership

Both my kids are attending a Mini-University camp at the University of Manitoba this week. My daughter is taking a craft camp and my son is taking a myth-busters camp. For the record, they love the camps and I love how the camps are being taught. Over dinner on Monday I saw that my daughter … Continue reading