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Why become a customer centric organization? (1 of 3)

Organizations are increasingly realizing that getting closer to the customer is essential for growth. Consumers have more choice than ever before and won’t hesitate to walk away if their needs are not met despite the efforts of some companies to make this hard for their customers. This is emerging as a new reality for almost … Continue reading

#1 rule of #Agile Culture

I recently went on a two-day excursion to the United States to support the local economy in Grand Forks and I was struck with a unique message on a bill board on the way back to Winnipeg. There were the usual bill boards that listed the shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants that you should visit. But amongst … Continue reading

#SDEC12 Conference Review #Agile

Well another Software Development and Evolution conference has come and gone. (You’ve always wondered what SDEC stood for didn’t you?) It was a lot of work and effort to make it all happen, but in the end it was very enjoyable. I learned an immense amount and cant’t wait until next year. My Highlights The … Continue reading

When #Delegation is just #Dictating

I came across an example recently of a person dictating and directing when they believed they were delegating. This tends to be something I see quite frequently in my day-to-day project work. For delegation to occur, I believe that there needs to be three crucial characteristics. These characteristics are: 1) Direction and Leadership Delegation is … Continue reading

Top Three Rules of #Agile Software Estimation

Yep, Estimating is hard. It isn’t easy and it isn’t without peril. Unfortunately it is a fact on 95% of the projects we work on. So given that, I’m not sure that telling people not to estimate is productive. There are a lot of misinformation about estimating though. Not all estimates are evil and not … Continue reading

#Agile Goalie

I came across a quote from Ken Dryden on the role of a Goaltender in hockey and I thought it was a great analogy to what I believe a great Project Manager is. Anyway, here is the quote: “[A goalie’s] job is to stop pucks, … Well, yeah, that’s part of it. But you know … Continue reading

#BeautifulTeam: #Canada and the #USA

As I mentioned in my last Blog post, I’ve been reading the book ‘Beautiful Teams’. It has been and continues to be one of the best books I have read for quite a long time. Great read. Highly recommended. After reading a few of the recent team stories in ‘Beautiful Games’ about Computech and the … Continue reading

#Agile Leadership and Reality TV

After being on many Agile teams and reading a lot of thoughts on leadership, I find it harder and harder to not pay attention to leadership (good and bad) in other aspects of life. One of these situations arose last night in Gimli after a long day at the beach. Master Chef My wife and I … Continue reading

The #Heart, #Mind, and #Soul of #Leadership

Frequently when I see discussions of Agile Leadership, I have mixed feelings. Although I believe the intent of these discussions are focused on how to make projects and teams better, I do have problems where we immediately create two classes of agile practitioners: Agile Leaders and the rest. To me, it just didn’t seem right. … Continue reading

#Leadership by not swearing

Leadership. It is one of those terms that there are a million different interpretations for. Similar to quality. For me, Leadership has always come down to five main abilities. Rather than me describe them, here are five quotes that I feel capture the essence of the five abilities. 1) Ability to Inspire “If your actions … Continue reading