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Don’t Etch your User Story Map in Stone

I was having a chat with Adam Yuret last week about user story maps. A concern that he expressed and others have voiced is that by putting your ideas into a user story map it might discourage you from changing the map as you start delivering the stories and learn more information. He’s right – … Continue reading

Thoughts on Beyond Deadlines by Jabe Bloom

Background In late 2012 when Dylan Smith suggested a blog challenge in order to encourage each of us to write more often, I quickly agreed. I don’t find it easy to write but I love the thought process that goes into it and I was hopeful that some extrinsic motivation ($ and deadlines) would help … Continue reading

Build Quality In: Applicable in Football too

One of the lean software principles is “Build Quality In“. In short, we try to build it right the first time in order to reduce or eliminate re-work and defects. I turns out that this same rule is applicable when training a running back not to fumble. Here is a story in Yahoo about the … Continue reading

Lean: Eliminate Waste from your QA process with Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is a term that originated in plumbing and refers to physically checking a series of closed pipes for leaks. It doesn’t refer to extremely detailed testing of the pipes, but simply an initial preliminary test to ensure that nothing in the system will fail catastrophically. The same ‘smoke-tests’ are used in manufacturing and … Continue reading

Estimating tasks in hours is local optimization. Stop doing it!

This weekend I was listening to Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s “Beyond the Goal” where he expands on the Theory of Constraints. In chapter three I listened to him explain how estimating in hours is in fact local optimization and therefore “idiotic”. Here is a portion of that chapter loosely transcribed: “The way to ensure that the … Continue reading

User Scenarios and Lean Solutions

After reading the book Lean Solutions a few years ago it was easy to see that agile methodolgies are “Lean Solutions” in comparison to traditional methodologies, but I wondered how we could apply that knowledge to design and build Lean Solutions for our clients (yes, you can still build bad systems with agile). User Scenarios … Continue reading

#Agile’s Sub-Optimal Value Stream

As I review proposals from people in the Agile community to push the boundaries of Agile, I believe that Agile is in danger of becoming more and more Sub-Optimal. Before I proceed, let me just review my definition of Optimal and Sub-Optimal Systems: “An Optimal system is a system where the optimization of the system … Continue reading

Is agile suitable for all projects?

At some point in your agile journey you begin to ask and/or hear this question: “Is agile suitable for all projects?” Here are some of the responses I’ve heard from both those who are still learning about agile and those who have a lot of agile experience: Agile isn’t necessary when you have a known … Continue reading

My #Agile #Pretotype experience

Two months ago I was introduced to the concept of Pretotyping. If I remember correctly, the introduction was through an excellent InfoQ article. The concept and practice intrigued me and I was able to apply it to a project I was working on recently. This is a recap of that experience in the hopes that … Continue reading

Is #agile #sub-optimal?

I had a comment that was posted in relation to my Solution Driven Development post that took me on a journey of reading on Sunday. It was a comment submitted by Gebhard Greiter. To be honest, the comment and its references proposed a more rigourous and prescriptive process that what I prefer to see in … Continue reading