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Are #NoEstimates #UnCanadian ?

Yep, I’ve come to realize that part of my trouble to rationalize the No Estimates movement is that they are UnCanadian. There are some things that become a part of you when you live and Canada and especially in the Canadian Prairies. Let me explain. Schedule As Canadians in the middle of the continent, schedules … Continue reading

Why I hate and love #noestimates

I was watching a No Estimates video that someone tweeted recently and I was reminded why I hate and love No Estimates at the same time. The video in question is a No Estimates presentation by Allen Holub. You can find the video here. I’d like to review the key points of the presentation and … Continue reading

Top three reasons why #NoEstimates is not a professional Software Development approach #Agile

In a recent post, I stated that some aspects of the #NoEstimates approach is not yet a professional Software Development approach. I believe it could become a professional Software Development approach, but it isn’t one yet. Some people raised an eyebrow to this statement and rightfully so. When you drop a bombshell like that you … Continue reading

My Emotional #NoEstimates post

I’ve had multiple posts in the past where I’ve stated in very logical reasons why I believe in estimates. I’ve been thinking of penning an emotional #NoEstimates post lately. This is it. Surgery Recently a close family member underwent major abdominal surgery. As the surgeon said, all abdominal surgery is major. Things went exceptionally well … Continue reading

Why I Like #Estimates #NoEstimates #Visualization

There I said it. I like estimates. I like estimating. I think they provide value to my team and the customers. I will attempt to explain why is this Blog post. 1) Estimates┬ámake me think through a solution I liken estimating to the visualization successful sport athletes do. It is the visualization and mental practice … Continue reading

A case for Contingency #NoEstimates

It seems like everyone has a different view of the role that contingency should play on projects. While some recommend removing it so as to not inflate the cost of features, others feel it is a critical element in the estimation of the project. Some people feel it is best to hide it away in … Continue reading

My #NoEstimates Apology and Epiphany #NoInventory

I was lucky enough to discuss ideas and thoughts with Woody Zuill last week on No Estimates. To be fair, I wrongly assumed that an upcoming No Estimates workshop was somewhat monetizing the No Estimates ideas. After talking to Woody, it became very clear that this was something requested by people interested in hearing Woody … Continue reading

My #NoEstimates disappointment

I must admit I usually come right in the middle between No Estimates proponents and the traditional estimators. I usually like the process of estimating on my projects, but I certainly see the downsides of such estimates. I also do think estimates and no estimates and Lean Start up are not mutually exclusive. I can … Continue reading

Why I believe in Estimates #Agile #Science #NoEstimates

It became clear to me the other day that my belief in estimates was not due solely to my previous project experience. It was not due to any brain-washing or “boiling of frogs” that had occurred to me as I was on more traditional projects. My belief in estimates is deeply rooted in another belief … Continue reading