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leg room

Lack of comfort ruins what could otherwise be amazing experiences. Often our pursuit of comfort focuses on our physical surroundings and design – a comfy chair, more leg room in an airplane, or heated seats in our cars. It is our assumption that by increasing our physical comfort our mental well-being will also increase. We … Continue reading

The “All Users” scolding email conundrum

We’ve all received one of these types emails. Likely we’ve all sent one as well. The message is one that is sent to everyone in the company’s database stating displeasure about what is likely one person’s behaviour, but they don’t know who that person is so everyone gets to learn the lesson. Never in the … Continue reading

Approaching Strategy as a Fixed Game

In two recent posts I’ve written about why engaging and empathizing with customers is both essential to making better decisions as well as to make more effective and meaningful products and services. In this post I want to briefly talk about how this should tie into your overall strategy. Strategy as a fixed game The approach many of us are familiar … Continue reading

The slings and arrows

There’s something that has been bothering me for awhile. Well, there’s many things that have been bothering me – but one thing that has been “stuck in my craw” is the way process diagrams are depicted. Below is a sample flowchart I grabbed from the internet. Note: I’m not picking on this or any individual … Continue reading

How to deal with stragglers

Struggling with Straggling I facilitate many group activities. One issue that occurs at virtually every session is the issue of latecomers. How do I deal with people who show up late? Do you wait for everybody to show up before you start? Do you lock them out? Do you publicly shame them? These are but a few … Continue reading

Customer development: engaging youth

Let’s say you’ve developed a framework for customer development (such as described here) and it dawns on you that you actually need to get out of your comfort zone and talk to people, many people. . .more people than you’ve ever spoken to before about a single topic. In one-on-one settings I’ve always been fairly strong … Continue reading

Where is your muse?

Passion is great but it’s exhausting and difficult to sustain. So, today I thought I’d write about the things I look at or reflect upon on a daily basis to ensure I stay on course and as inspired as possible. So, in no particular order, here’s what they are: • Gaping Void. I can’t remember when … Continue reading

Three confounding characters in the Software Development #zoo #agile

Someone asked me how I come up with topics for my blog posts. I responded by saying that most of them just kinda appear by something I read or see. Today’s post was one that just appeared out of the blue in a new way. I drove past the zoo. As I drove past the … Continue reading

Top three signs a company is masquerading as employee-focused #halloween

Everyone says their company is employee-focused. Everyone says that their most important asset is their people. Everyone says that they have a flat structure and that there is an open door policy for everyone. So how can you tell the difference between the companies that are employee-focused and those that merely say they are employee … Continue reading

The role of emotions in performance feedback discussions

Lately I have been reading quite a few blogs on the topic of performance feedback and how to try to make feedback a more valuable process. Recently I came across Bob Marshall’s post: How to give Feedback I’ve already had great discussion with @adaptivecoach on the Core Protocols and their potential impact to the communication … Continue reading