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Butterfly Interview: Alex’s Scarves on CBC radio

Below is the soundcloud for Alex’s interview with Janet Stewart of CBC about her project. Check it out!       Chris Butterfly Website

Butterfly Laboratory

The Butterfly Lab concept was created out of necessity. After developing and exploring the initial idea of Butterfly using principles of customer development we launched the initial website. By this point we had built great partnerships and support as well as had generated excitement and connected with many different stakeholders and youth. We also had a few ideas … Continue reading

Sustaining passion and Butterfly’s development approach

So I’m waiting at The Windmill restaurant on Selkirk Avenue in Winnipeg. Why I’m here is to talk to some incredible people from Aboriginal Youth Opportunities about Butterfly and the current iteration, and how we might work together. It has been about a year since a first talked to them about the idea, and I’ve touched base … Continue reading

Butterfly and the Future of Community Development

Before I say anything else, I want to say this – a website is not a solution: it merely provides a way to scale and automate the delivery of your concept. In other words, whatever you new product or service purports to do, it needs to be able to create value “off-line” as well as … Continue reading