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How Can Planning Poker Improve Software Requirements?

Have you ever started implementing a software feature from a specification that seemed to be complete, only to find that almost every time you asked a question you uncovered another business requirement? Hi John – I’m working on the ‘Approve’ button and just want to confirm the location:  it should appear at the bottom right, … Continue reading

Estimating tasks in hours is local optimization. Stop doing it!

This weekend I was listening to Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s “Beyond the Goal” where he expands on the Theory of Constraints. In chapter three I listened to him explain how estimating in hours is in fact local optimization and therefore “idiotic”. Here is a portion of that chapter loosely transcribed: “The way to ensure that the … Continue reading

Best Agile Tool and Technique awards for 2011

Hot on the foot steps on my post about Agile Project Managements tools, I felt it was a good time to present the inaugural Best Agile Tool and Technique Awards for 2011. There are some components of these other Agile Project Management tools that I felt I would be negligent to not recognize. In addition, … Continue reading

The debate about agile estimating

There has been a lot of noise recently about eliminating estimating for software development projects. I’d like to thank Terry Bunio for putting out his thoughts as a rebuttal here. (Note – Terry sits right beside me so we’ve had a lot of discussion on this topic recently – especially since we thought someone was wrong … Continue reading

Agile scope completion techniques

One of the questions I’ve received in the past about agile techniques is how to ensure you’ve captured enough detail about your requirements in order to proceed without missing major scope elements. Whether you are using story cards, features or other techniques to capture your requirements, you need to answer this question: “How do I … Continue reading

Planning Poker and Buckets of Hockey Pucks

The teams I’ve been working with over the past while have been using planning poker for project estimating. Despite initial and fleeting skepticism by a few when we bring out the cards, as a whole our teams and our sponsors are finding value in this approach. I was reminded today that we should look at … Continue reading