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Top Project Management trend for 2014 #agile #pmot

As we enter the new year it is always interesting to reflect back on trends that we saw last year and forecast if they will continue into the new year. From both my personal experience and reading I have done, I think there be one predominant  Project Management trend we will continue to see in … Continue reading

#Agile and Music – Have we been selecting Project Managers incorrectly all along? #PMOT

I’m always fascinated by stories where other industries seem to have arrived at the same practices that have become common place in Agile. In the final chapter of “Beautiful Teams”, there is a chapter focused on how Tony Visconti manages his projects to produce music. He has worked with David Bowie, The Moody Blues, Thin … Continue reading

#Agile PMO – A new hope #PMOT

On my most recent project, I have had the good fortune to be asked to help to lead the Project Management Office. (PMO) There had been multiple leads of the PMO before, but each one was not able to provide all the information that the senior stakeholders were asking for. Given my background in Agile, … Continue reading

Giving #Agile a bad name

Sometimes I read articles that I feel give Agile a bad name and hurt the cause. Recently an article was retweeted from earlier this year that compared Project Management to a disease. You can read the article here. I’m not sure why some agilists feel a need to diminish and criticize Project Management so completely. … Continue reading

#Project Steward

I’ve written posts before in regards to how I dislike the term Project Manager. I feel the definition implies that the Project Manager is above the team and that the Project Manager controls or moves the resources on the project as he or she sees fit. It has the connotation of a command and control structure. The Project … Continue reading

#Agile Goalie

I came across a quote from Ken Dryden on the role of a Goaltender in hockey and I thought it was a great analogy to what I believe a great Project Manager is. Anyway, here is the quote: “[A goalie’s] job is to stop pucks, … Well, yeah, that’s part of it. But you know … Continue reading

#Agile Leadership and Reality TV

After being on many Agile teams and reading a lot of thoughts on leadership, I find it harder and harder to not pay attention to leadership (good and bad) in other aspects of life. One of these situations arose last night in Gimli after a long day at the beach. Master Chef My wife and I … Continue reading

#Agile road trip

As I was driving home last night from work, I thought of another analogy on why the Agile process works so well. Trip to California I thought back to my trip to California and how I went about planning and taking the trip. I planned the trip really at four levels: 1) Starting and Ending … Continue reading

How we improved our #Agile Daily Stand up

I’ve been in a lot of different projects with a lot of different stand up meetings, but recently I was at a client site that held daily stand ups for a team of over 20 people and the meetings were still under 10 minutes. Before I get into what made their stand up unique, I’d … Continue reading

#Agile Games in Killarney

I was watching my son and daughter and their cousins playing games on the weekend and it struck me on how children really operate in an Agile way. The kids were playing monopoly and it was fascinating how they used the general rules and then customized the rules if they could get an agreement from … Continue reading