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Story Maps – A Testing Tool After All

** The following was recently published as a sidebar in Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory’s new book More Agile Testing. The book is full of great advice from the authors as well as other contributors including a few from Protegra. I encourage you to take a look. **   So you’re an agile tester and … Continue reading

Top 3 Agile Team Books and the number one book on Quality

I often see list of the top Agile books for user stories, estimating, testing, and various aspects of planning, but I rarely see a list of good books on various aspects of Agile team building or what I term Agile Project Management. I have found three recent books that have been very inspiring and educational … Continue reading

But does it work? – an agile metric

I’ve said publicly at conferences and other gatherings that my passion for agile and lean began years ago after a particularly troubling project that tried to be agile.  While that project had a strong team and eventually delivered a product, it had trouble with quality, scope and budget.  In retrospect the biggest problem was that we … Continue reading