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Planting Seeds, Customer Development, and Patience

“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.” – Arnold Glasow This new and exciting idea may be amazing to you, and likely to some others close to you, but it’s important to keep in mind that the rest of humanity is already busy doing their thing and … Continue reading

Project Estimates versus Targets

I was going to have another Blog post that talked about Agile estimating, but I think a Blog about estimates versus targets should be done first. In short, I think the confusion and mingling of the terms have led to many ‘perceived’ project failures. As usual, let’s start at the start. 🙂 Definitions Estimate – … Continue reading

My Agile Adoption Story

My first experience with an Agile project that was more Agile than Waterfall was in 2006. I phrase it in that way as all projects I have been on have had some aspects of Agile. But I digress, back to the story… In December of 2005 a fixed price RFP was released for a new … Continue reading

Agile Project Estimate Guarantee

Over the last few days I’ve noticed more discussion around the concepts on whether Agile teams should estimate or not. This includes my latest Blog on the subject: User Story Points versus User Story Hours Yesterday I read the following Blog post on the 5 reasons you should stop estimating User Stories: 5 Reasons why … Continue reading

Agile Project Characteristics – Two Controversial Factors

In my last post I listed the Agile Dozen Characteristics and Practices that I felt were critical on all projects. In that list though, there were two characteristics that I did not expect myself and that may raise the eyebrows of Agile purists when mentioned. Before there is discussion on all the factors and I … Continue reading

Building a better monster – Naturally Agile

When we last left our intrepid Project Manager (Evil Scientist) he was fighting off the hordes of rioting Business Users and negotiating change requests. Not a good scene and something that could certainly be avoided. It turns out that the answer to how we can build a better project has been done forever by nature. … Continue reading