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Be careful what you measure #SystemsThinking #Lean #Agile

I was reminded how important it is to be careful what you measure on the weekend. I had to call two call centers and both surprisingly implemented the same Service Level Agreements. Both promised that calls would be answered within two minutes. But surprisingly, both had implemented what I would consider ‘cheats’ to reach those … Continue reading

Systems Thinking and the Educational System in #Manitoba #agile #teachers

As a father of two younger children, I am taking an increasing interest in the educational system. Saturday during my son’s hockey game, the parents were trading stories of how we were graded when we went to school. I told the tale of how in Junior High and High School, the teachers used to call … Continue reading

It’s the system, not (and?) the people.

I live and work with two phrases in my head that are important to me: “It’s the system, not the people” – Deming And, paradoxically: “It’s all about the people” – a statement heard often at Protegra that we try to use to guide how we work together. An event this weekend helped me to … Continue reading

A Systems Thinking Alternative to Performance Reviews

I tried something new based on the concerns and research around annual performance reviews. I’m not qualified enough to make categorical claims about the typical annual performance review process, but I can say that by trying something different I enjoyed the performance review process more than any other year and I had some great conversations … Continue reading