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#1 quality of a great team mate

Recently I have read a lot of articles and listened to many conversations that seem to place the individual ahead of the team. Frequently when we talk about group activities like meetings, paired activities, working from home, and co-located work spaces, the issue invariably comes up on how some people don’t see value in those … Continue reading

Three principles of #TeamWork – Illustrated by Canadian Politics

People ask how I come up with some of my ideas for Blog posts. I tell them that typically they arise during discussions I have with colleagues or because of something I have read or heard. I also tell them that usually when you find a topic that you think would be a good Blog … Continue reading

Shannon Sharpe and the four characteristics of great #Agile #Teams

After listening to Shannon Sharpe’s emotional speech for induction into the National Football League Hall of Fame, I’d like to share my thoughts about teams on Agile projects.I thought about how much I would have liked to be on Shannon Sharpe’s teams. How much I would have enjoyed being around someone who cared so much … Continue reading